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Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies Program

The application period for this funding opportunity has now ENDED

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The iTHRIV Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies Program is a core component of the NIH-funded Clinical and Translational Sciences Award (CTSA), the integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia (iTHRIV). iTHRIV is a statewide collaborative research network with a mission of using data to improve health.  It is comprised of 4 research institutions: Carilion Clinic, Inova Health, the University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech.


The goal of the iTHRIV Pilot Studies Program is to support innovative approaches to clinical and translational research to foster collaborative research across the iTHRIV partner institutions.  By providing teams with early-stage pilot funding, iTHRIV aims to provide resources to accelerate discovery, generate preliminary data, and support translational science through partnerships across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Proposals can include the full range of translation from the laboratory to the clinical area. 

Areas of particular interest include:

  • Innovative uses of data science to improve health

  • Research focused on health disparities

  • Team science collaborations across two or more iTHRIV partner institutions


iTHRIV encourages and will also be accepting proposals which focus on understanding the science of translation, i.e., focused on understanding a scientific or operational principle underlying a step of the translational process, with the goal of developing generalizable principles to accelerate translational research.  Examples might include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of new research methodology and/or new technologies/tools/resources that will advance CTS and thus increase the efficiency and effectiveness of translation

  • Early-stage development of new therapy/technology with generalizable application to an identified translational roadblock

  • Demonstration in a particular use case(s) that the new methodology or technology advances translational science by successfully making one or more steps of the translational process more effective or efficient

  • Dissemination of effective tools, methods, processes, and training paradigms

  • Feasibility/proof of concept studies to support future CTS projects

  • Novel approaches to enhance secondary analysis of existing data (e.g., projects using the National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C) Data Enclave)


iTHRIV has a total of $200,000 to distribute and the number of projects funded will depend on the quality of proposals and funding request amounts.  Projects are required to be completed within one year. 

Budget Request Options:

  • Single-site iTHRIV Institution Investigator: can submit a budget of $25,000 in direct costs, or

  • Multi-site iTHRIV Institution Investigators (Requires a minimum of 2 iTHRIV institutions): can submit a budget of $50,000 in direct costs

Questions? Contact:

  • Jennifer Phillips, iTHRIV Program Manager,

  • Kayla Calvo, iTHRIV Grant Administrator,


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