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iTHRIV provides support to faculty members and other PI's who hold active NIH grants (i.e. "parent grants") and are planning applications for administrative supplements.


Administrative supplements, such as the Research Supplement to Promote Diversity and Research Supplement to Promote Re-Entry & Re-integration into health-related research careers, are non-competing awards. They offer extra funding to an existing grant to cover unforeseen increased costs within the approved project scope, which were not accounted for during the original application or renewal process.

Research Supplement to Promote Diversity: this supplement is aimed at increasing diversity in the biomedical research workforce. It provides funding for recruitment and support of high school, undergraduate, and graduate clinical students, postbaccalaureate and post-masters individuals, postdoctoral researchers (including health professionals), and eligible investigators, who wish to participate as researchers in ongoing research projects. See Notice of Funding Opportunity PA-23-189 for more details. 

Research Supplement to Promote Re-Entry and Re-Integration: This program aims to offer mentored research training opportunities to individuals seeking to re-enter or re-integrate into active research careers following interruptions due to family responsibilities or qualifying circumstances. It encourages administrative supplement applications to existing NIH research grants, providing support for full or part-time mentored research experiences to help these individuals update their skills and knowledge, preparing them to pursue fellowship, career development, or other independent research support opportunities upon completion of the supplement period. See Funding Opportunity Announcement PA-18-592 for more details.

Please reach out to iTHRIV ( to discuss how we can support you!

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Supplemental Funding Opportunities

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