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Research Administration Program for Training and Resources (RAPTR)

The Goal of RAPTR to increase the knowledge base of the research administration workforce by creating training programs, providing tools and resources, and standardizing research administration processes.

RAPTR is a training program for Research Administrators created in partnership with the UVA School of Medicine Office of Grants and Contracts and UVA's Office of Sponsored Programs

RAPTR Steering Committee

Kayla Calvo - SOM 

Lauren Armstrong - SOM

Susan Hennigan - SOM

Nicole Keller - SOM

Rita Lam - OSP

Steve Lichtenstein - SOM

Jennifer Phillips - SOM

Carey Reinicke - BII

Alex Torres - SOM



The Research Administration Mentoring Program and University Partnership (RAMP UP) has a foundational commitment to supporting the success and professional development of all Research Administrators. This pilot program is currently seeking experienced Research Administrators to serve as mentors and newer Research Administrators who want to expand their knowledge as mentees. 


Research Administration Office Hours are held biweekly on Wednesday mornings at 9am.   This is designed as a drop in session to ask other RA's questions or to get advice.  Click here to Register.


Education and Training Resources


UVA Research Administration Orientation Resources

Proposal Submission

UVA Proposal Submission 

iTHRIV RAPTR Poster and Presentation
from the 2021 Annual CTSA Meeting

Poster and Presentaton

Click poster to enlarge

Kayla Calvo presents on the RAPTR

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