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December, 2022:

iTHRIV Scholar and Virginia Tech researcher Sora Shin recently identified how early life trauma may change the brain and increase the risk of binge eating. Her work was published in Nature Neuroscience. Read the full story here:


December, 2022:

iTHRIV PI Karen Johnston has been awarded the 2022 Ronald D. Hodges Award for her significant and lasting contribution to the cooperative relationship between the sister professions of law and medicine. Read the statement here:


December, 2022:

iTHRIV has awarded teams of physicians, researchers, veterinarians and data scientists at Virginia Tech, Carilion Clinic, and the University of Virginia $200,000 in pilot funding. The funds will be used across four multi-institutional research projects to accelerate health breakthroughs in the fields of pediatrics, prenatal care, and cancer treatment. Read the announcement here:

Image by Louis Reed

November, 2022:

iTHRIV has awarded almost $80,000 in seed funding to two community-focused projects focused on helping people with autism in crisis and on reducing HPV vaccine hesitancy. Read the announcement here:

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November, 2022:

iTHRIV Scholar alumna and UVA assistant professor of medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases and International Health, Kathleen McManus, wrote a blog post titled “Improving HIV care by innovating service delivery in the U.S.: The need for change” for the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA). In the post, McManus discusses why new care models are needed and what it will take to implement them. Read the post here:


November, 2022:

iTHRIV Data Scientist, Andrea Zhou presented her research at the 12th Annual Appalachian Translational Research Network Summit in Kentucky. She was joined by fellow iTHRIV teammates, Kathy Hosig and Kris Miller. Click here to view her presentation:


November, 2022:

iTHRIV Scholar and Virginia Tech researcher Alexandra DiFeliceantonio and Ashley N. Gearhardt, a psychology professor at the University of Michigan, analyzed whether highly processed foods – such as sugary soft drinks, baked goods, chips, burgers and fries – can be considered addictive by comparing their properties to those of tobacco. Their work was profiled by Chris Cuomo. Read the story and watch the interview here


November, 2022:

In early November, members of iTHRIV’s leadership team attended the 2022 Clinical Translational Science Award (CTSA) Program Meeting. UVA’s Karen Johnston MD, MSc and Sandra Burks, RN were joined by their iTHRIV colleagues, Kathy Hosig, PhD MPH of Virginia Tech and Inova’s Jeanny Aragon-Ching, MD, at the annual meeting in Washington DC. They were proud to support Sherilouise Scott-Dixon as she presented the resultant research project of her data science internship at UVA.

Read the post here:


October, 2022:

iTHRIV Scholar Mentor Micah Mazurek is part of a $12 Million Grant To Help UVA Researchers Better Diagnose Autism. Read the full story here:


October, 2022:

iTHRIV Scholar and Virginia Tech researcher Jia Ray-Yu was recognized by the Children's Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) as one of eight promising scientists and given the Emerging Scientist Award, each worth $100,000, to pursue research in the childhood cancer field. Read the story here:

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October, 2022:

In honor of the upcoming 5th Annual iTHRIV Scholars Clinical Translational Research Symposium (10/18/22) - and - the release of the 2023 iTHRIV Scholars Program RFA, we invite you to read a special edition of Scholar focused announcements! Featuring, research, radio, and even poetry news! Read it here:

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August 30, 2022:

iTHRIV Director of Finance, Kayla Calvo received UVA's Hoos Building Bridges Award. According to UVA Today, the award “honor[s] recipients for their leadership, collegiality and efforts in establishing strong relationships.” The award is a reflection of the broad excellence and forward thinking Calvo demonstrates daily in her role at the integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia (iTHRIV). Read the story here.


August 18, 2022:

iTHRIV Scholar Alumna and current Scholar Program Mentor, Sana Syed, MD has been awarded an NIH R01: for $3.6M to study population-based characterization of metabolic pathways to predict pediatric Crohn's disease outcomes. This is collaborative project with one of iTHRIV's KL2 Principal Investigators, Jason Papin, PhD, as well as, Emory University's Subra Kugathasan, M.D.


August 15, 2022:

iTHRIV sponsored Summer program, SOAR receives 2022 "Inspiring Programs in STEM Award" from Insight Into Diversity Magazine. Learn more here.

SOAR Eagle.png

August 3, 2022:

iTHRIV Scholar Alumna, Meghan Mattos, PhD, RN, CNL has been awarded a NIH K76- $1.22 million for her research titled "Internet-based insomnia intervention to prevent cognitive decline in older adults with mild cognitive impairment".


August, 2022:

UVA has joined an NIH funded program called ResearchMatch. This program helps connect people interested in research studies with researchers from medical centers across the United States. iTHRIV will take a lead role in promoting the program throughout Virginia. Click here to learn more about ResearchMatch.

August 1, 2022:

iTHRIV Scholar and Virginia Tech researcher Julia Basso, PhD is studying the role of dance on healthy mother-child interactions. She will investigate whether a mother with PTSD can establish a healthy attachment with her child to decrease the likelihood of passing on trauma from one generation to the next. Read the announcement here.

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