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iTHRIV Data Commons

The Informatics Core of the integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia (iTHRIV) builds software and system solutions to support team science and accelerate scientific discovery and innovation.  The iTHRIV Research Data Commons is a new solution that provides health researchers and data stewards with a single interface to manage, share and use research data throughout its lifecycle, from initial design and approval through data collection and analysis, and ultimately publication.  The product facilitates access while enhancing compliance, making it a win for both research teams and administrators at our institution.


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The iTHRIV Research Data Commons workflows involve the collection of searchable metadata (facts about the data) as projects unfold and provides a managed lifecycle for research data. The software provides a friendly interface integrated into the educational and research resource sharing iTHRIV Research Concierge Portal.  

 The product allows diverse research teams from different departments and schools to integrate their research workflows while providing personalized access as controlled by project owners and data administrators. Integration with other institutional research systems, such as the IRB-HSR database, also ensures that data can only be accessed by the appropriate users.  Dataset access is controlled by dataset administrators, and access to highly sensitive PHI is limited to team members currently listed on the IRB protocol.  

Access to the Private Research Data Commons is limited to users at iTHRIV institutions and is specific to access permissions they have been granted.  Users in the private Commons can push appropriate metadata and/or data files out to the public commons where anyone with internet access can find and access them.

COST MODEL: Use of the Research Data Commons is FREE with the below limitations on usage:

  • File size is currently limited to 200 MB per file uploaded and stored in the Commons.  This limit is expected to be lifted in the near future.

  • Total data storage per principal investigator at UVA will continue to be limited to 1 TB across all datasets / all projects.  Limits at other sites will be added as they join the Commons.

  • Projects involving larger storage needs on the per file or per investigator basis can leverage other storage options provided by their department or UVA Research Computing, but still index those datasets in the iTHRIV Research Data Commons for purposes of project management, search, compliance, etc.

A sample data management and sharing plan leveraging the iTHRIV Commons is HERE. Please refer to our user guide (under the Portal Help button in header) for detailed guide to the current features.  If you are interested in using the Commons for a current or upcoming project, contact

Stay tuned for the latest updates!

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