COVID and the Commonwealth

An iTHRIV Health Status Registry

UVA HSR200101

In support of health researchers, the integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia (iTHRIV) is collecting COVID-19 related information from all residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Researchers want to help during this COVID-19 health crisis. Your information will help us better understand what is happening.

  • Healthy and sick people who live in Virginia can volunteer to provide this essential information. 

  • You do not need to have had any testing done.

  • You may create an entry for yourself. You may also create an entry for a child for whom you are a parent or legal guardian. You can skip any questions you are not comfortable answering.

  • You can provide updates to this data registry at any time by simply resubmitting the form with only the new/changed information.


Information Collected Through Online Form:

  • Personal details

    • Name, date of birth, address and other demographics.

  • Information about your health, circumstances, and behaviors

  • Completing all the questions will take between 5-15 minutes.You are not required to answer all the questions.


How Information is Protected:

  • If you agree to participate, the personal information you submit will be treated as highly sensitive data and stored securely at the University of Virginia Health System.

  • Only researchers who have permission can gain access to the data in order to answer important questions about COVID-19.Researchers agree to securely protect your information (or data) using approved methods.


The data from this registry may fill a gap in what we know and empower communities to make more informed decisions. 


OPTIONAL: You may also choose to receive offers to participate in other COVID-19 related research.  This could include things like research surveys, or offers to participate in clinical trials that you might qualify for.  This is not required for your participation.


All questions about this project should be emailed to:

Johanna Loomba at


The PI for this study is Donald Brown, PhD. 

Thank you!

integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia - 434-924-6208 -

iTHRIV is funded by the National Center for Advancing Translational Science of the National Institutes of Health Award UL1TR003015/ KL2TR003016