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Community Learning Shorts

iTHRIV periodically creates short educational videos, named "Learning Shorts". Learning Shorts are brief, digestible online educational offerings organized around a specific topic. iTHRIV hopes that these videos will help educate, dispel misinformation, and create a basis for conversation between the community and health researchers. This page is updated as new videos are created, so be sure to check back!

Do you have a health research topic that you'd like iTHRIV to cover in a Learning Short? Let us know in form below!

Clinical Research

What is Clinical Research?

Brittany Howell of the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at Virginia Tech discusses the topic of clinical research. She will cover topics such as: what exactly is meant by the term clinical research, why clinical research is conducted, and why people should be excited about it!

Safety in Research

Virginia Tech's Kory Trott and Carilion Clinic's Carley Emerson discuss the ethics, rules and regulations surrounding clinical research. This video will help you understand the measures that keep patients safe throughout the clinical research process.

Informed Consent

Join Daniella Rodriguez, a Clinical Research Coordinator from Carilion Clinic, as she explains the importance and role of Informed Consent in clinical research.

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Community Engagement & Team Science

Community Engagement Studios

iTHRIV's Partnership Manager, Kris Miller illuminates the role of Community Engagement Studios and explains how this process benefits both the researcher and the community.

What is Team Science?

Join iTHRIV's Community Core as they help define team science in the context of partnership with community members and stakeholders in health research.

Funding Opportunities

Dr. Deron Campbell and Dr. Sophie Wenzel discuss the potential funding benefits of the collaboration of researchers and community partners.

Engagement and Trust

iTHRIV's Partnership Manager, Kris Miller and Dr. Deron Campbell give viewers recommendations on how and when to engage with communities and community organizations. This conversation reinforces the importance of establishing trust and being trustworthy with your collaborators. 

Communication and Collaboration

This video with Dr. Deron Campbell and Kris Miller discusses communication from a community members perspective…”putting community members in the driver’s seat to choose how they want to be communicated to…”

Accountability & Translational Science

This video delves into how no matter where an investigator’s research falls along the translational spectrum,  team science is relevant! It also discusses expectations that both community partners and investigators should have, and holding yourself accountable within your research endeavors. 


In this video, the presenters talk about how important representation is and being intentional about who is included on the researcher team. When representation is discussed…”we are also talking about diversity, equity and inclusivity, and how incredibly important they are in research…”

Log into the iTHRIV Portal to see additional Learning Shorts on a variety of clinical and translational research related topics. 

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