iTHRIV Scholars Two Year Program

Core Curriculum

In addition to learning from conducting their proposed mentored iTHRIV research project, Scholars come together one afternoon a week to engage together in a core curriculum designed to prepare them for a future in clinical and/or translational health research.  Our curriculum draws from the core competencies identified for clinical and translational research as well as the fundamental characteristics of a translational scientist with added emphasis on principles and practices of data science, the art and skill of writing good grants, scientific integrity and responsible research, peer mentoring, and professional development.  The following chart depicts key threads along with examples of specific sessions from previous years where we have taken a “deeper dive” into those threads.  The iTHRIV Scholars Program continues to diversify, and each year the Scholars receive a uniquely tailored version of the core curriculum.  The delivery of this curriculum is heavily dependent on Scholar feedback as well as on the gaps and trajectories of each specific cohort of Scholars, and it is primarily delivered through a flipped classroom approach.  The newly integrated Scholars Program includes Scholars from UVA and VTC and features instructors from UVA, Virginia Tech, Carilion Clinic, Center for Open Science, UVA Licensing and Ventures Group, and elsewhere. Currently we are using Zoom to gather together for our core sessions.


While we provide a wide variety of focused material through the core curriculum, Scholars elect to supplement this training with additional certificate programs or Master’s degrees as determined by their own professional development needs (for example, prior Scholars have pursued formal training programs in Data Science, Clinical Research, Regulatory Science and Implementation Science).  Our curriculum team is always available to discuss these opportunities as well as the more specific details of the training we provide so that Scholars can make the most appropriate and efficient decisions for their career development plans.

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