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iTHRIV Scholars Program:


The iTHRIV Scholars Program is a multi-institutional career development program across multiple schools/departments focused on early career faculty and partially supported by the integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia (iTHRIV) Clinical Translational Science Award (KL2TR003016 and UL1TR003015). Each Scholar has one or more Scientific Mentors identified in their application. This mentor/mentoring team plays an important role in the development of the research career for each Scholar.

Mentors may focus on ‘content,’ ‘process,’ or both helping the Scholars to establish and develop new technical and scientific skills, to navigate the challenges of setting up a new research team, and to identify critical steps for progressing in academia. During the first year of the iTHRIV Scholars Program, each Scholar is also assigned an ‘iTHRIV Mentor.’ This person is chosen to complement the existing Mentor/mentoring team and fulfill a specific need for the individual Scholar. This new mentor-mentee relationship is intended to allow the Scholar to move into a new scientific area, create connections to specific clinical populations, foster cross-disciplinary collaboration, augment access to grant writing expertise, or gain access to new sponsorship opportunities among other opportunities.

The iTHRIV mentor may be drawn from outside the Scholar’s research area, school, and even institution. Each month the Scholars and their mentors come together with the iTHRIV Scholars Program leadership for a Mentoring Hour focused on issues around mentoring. Scholar-Mentor pairs frequently lead discussion on topics of their choosing. These sessions also focus on the fact that the Scholars, as emerging clinical translational researchers, are themselves both mentees and mentors to others. As the Scholars Program embarks on its fifth year, program alumni are returning in formal mentoring roles.

Meet a Mentor

Meet a Metor
Randall Moorman, MD

Bicentennial Professor of Advanced Medical Analytics and Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Division

University of Virginia 

“Dr. Moorman is a superb researcher and mentor with a long track record of building predictive models across an array of patient populations. His mentorship has been vital to my development as a researcher in this space. I am excited to work with him as I develop new, independent areas for growth.” – Andrew Barros, MD

"Dr. Randall Moorman has genuine enthusiasm for exploration and discovery, which has fueled my passion for research in predictive analytics. He inspires his team to push boundaries and pursue big ideas, while emphasizing the importance of taking the time to give attention to the details that make the science rigorous. Furthermore, he has committed countless hours to the endeavor of imparting his knowledge on the fundamentals of time series analytics to any mentee who is up to the challenge of mastering this discipline." - Sullivan, Brynne,  MD

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