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iTHRIV Mentor Training Resources

The iTHRIV Scholars Program provides modest funding which is available for currently appointed iTHRIV Mentors to support training and educational expenses.  Funds may be requested for the iTHRIV Mentor and/or trainees (excluding the iTHRIV Scholar) via the iTHRIV Mentor Funds Request Form. Use of these funds is based on availability of funding and review and approval of appropriate requests. Since these funds are limited, iTHRIV encourages all Mentors to utilize available institutional and departmental educational funding resources prior to request of these funds.  All local and institutional travel policies apply.


  • Funds are available to iTHRIV Mentors for supporting conference travel, registration, and other costs.

  • Funds may be used for the iTHRIV Mentor or atrainee in the iTHRIV Mentor’s lab (iTHRIV Scholar is from use of these funds).

  • Funds are until resources are expended.

  • iTHRIV Mentors will complete a request via iTHRIV Mentor Funds Request Form.

  • Funds may be requested for the iTHRIV Mentor and/or mentees (outside of the iTHRIV Scholar) for the following activities:

    • Conference and meeting registration expenses

    • Domestic travel (airfare, hotel, meals )

    • Publication and/or presentation expenses (printing/poster expenses)

    • Workshop expenses

    • Certificate program expenses

    • Other items not included on this list should be discussed with Kayla Calvo prior to inclusion.

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  • Unallowable items include the following:

    • International travel expenses

    • Tuition

    • Membership fees

    • Computers/laptops/hardware costs

    • Gifts/speaker fees/honoraria

  • Review of Requests:

    • All requests will be formally reviewed by iTHRIV Subcommittee on Wednesday mornings. Additional documentation may be requested at the time of review.

    • Please allow up to two weeks for decision notification.

    • Subcommittee will notify iTHRIV Mentorvia email with one of the following decisions

      • Approved in full

      • Approved for partial support (with detail)

      • Rejected (with detail)

Following Approval:

  • PTAO and any corresponding information will be sent to both the mentor and fiscal contact at the time of approval notification.

  • Mentors at UVA:

    • Reimbursements for travel expenses must be submitted through ExpenseUVA in accordance with University Policy.

    • All non-travel expenses must be submitted through ExpenseUVA in accordance with University Policy.

  • Mentors at partner institutions: All expense documentation should be submitted in accordance with institution guidelines and policies.

  • Department responsibilities:The home institution/department of the iTHRIV Mentor will be responsible for all purchasing, booking of travel, registration, etc.  iTHRIV will not be responsible for booking travel, meeting registration or for direct purchase of any other related item through the use of this process.  iTHRIV is not responsible for submitting expenses through ExpenseUVA (applicable for UVA iTHRIV Mentors).

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