Community Engagement Directory

iTHRIV is committed to providing meaningful ways for community members to collaborate  with us because we know that community input and participation is essential to producing relevant, and impactful research projects.


A community member is anyone who is not officially affiliated with iTHRIV. There are no educational or credentialling requirements, only a desire to learn, advocate or assist with health and clinical research and in interest or experience with a certain health topic such as, but not limited to, substance use disorder, nutrition, HIV, cancer, community health and heart disease.


There are multiple opportunities for you to make a difference when you join the team of community members who are improving our understanding of our local communities, health topics and research. iTHRIV is looking for community members to be a voice for research and/or become a community research team member. Because community collaboration is so important to us, iTHRIV community members are often compensated for their time and efforts.


To grow the iTHRIV community team we have created a community registration form. The form allows you to select your area of interest, preferred form of communication and takes 2-3 minutes to fill out. After the form is completed an iTHRIV member will reach out to you regarding next steps. If you have questions, please submit them in the box below or reach out to Kris Miller, iTHRIV Partnership Manager at


We look forward to hearing from you!

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