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June 2024

A New Series of iTHRIV Learning Shorts! 

Our iTHRIV Community and Collaboration Core has done it again! They have created a new 10-video series of Learning Shorts on the topic of Team Science with Community Partners!

The Core developed these brief educational videos to create a basis for conversation between the community and health researchers. This Learning Short series is designed to reach the general public as well as early career and established researchers. Topics include communication, collaboration, accountability, representation, defining team science within the context of partnership with community members and stakeholders, and emphasizing the importance of trust. This video series seeks to facilitate conversation between health researchers and community members who may be interested in being a part of clinical or translational research teams. As Dr. Deron Campbell says in one video, “Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Video 1 - Introduction: What is Team Science?
Video 2 - Funding Opportunities
Video 3 - Featured Project with Dr. Diane Pappas and Michaela Lieberman-Martin
Video 4 - Community Perspectives in Team Science
Video 5 - Characteristics of Effective Community-Team Member Engagement
Video 6 - Featured Project with Dr. Jamie Zoellner and Meghan Arthur  
Video 7 - Conversations Part 1: Engagement and Trust
Video 8 - Conversations Part 2: Communication and Collaboration
Video 9 - Conversations Part 3: Accountability and the Translational Spectrum
Video 10 - Conversations Part 4: Representation

Amanda Hensley, PhD Candidate

Amanda Hensley, a graduate research assistant in iTHRIV's Community and Collaboration Core, facilitated the production of the videos, scouted locations, met with the Core working group to draft the scripts, invited and interviewed the presenters on these topics, and worked with an editor in the Technology-Enhanced Learning and Online Strategies department of Virginia Tech to complete the Shorts. Amanda is currently a PhD Candidate in the Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health program at Virginia Tech, and has been an integral part of the Core for four years. The Core working group included Dr. Kathy Hosig and Dr. Sarah Parker from Virginia Tech, Dr. Amanda Nguyen from UVA, and Dr. Deron Campbell from Inova Health. 

At the time of writing, videos 1, 2, and 7-10 are available to watch on the iTHRIV YouTube Channel.  Videos 3-6 will be available by July 1, 2024.

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