Winter 2021
iTHRIV Launches Recruitment Enhancing Resources Program (RERP) – Supporting Diversity and Inclusion in Research Participation
by Kris Miller, iTHRIV Partnership Manager

The integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia (iTHRIV) team is committed to increasing the integration of underrepresented populations in research. To that end, iTHRIV has launched the Recruitment Enhancing Resources Program (RERP). The iTHRIV Hub Capacity Core, under the leadership of Christopher Kramer, MD and James Nataro, MD will lead this effort in collaboration with the Clinical Research Access Committee (C-RAC). Together, these groups will work closely with the Community and Collaboration Core to ensure that information on clinical research and clinical trial opportunities are disseminated throughout the local community, especially throughout minority groups and rural populations. iTHRIV seeks to facilitate inclusive, collaborative research in partnership with our diverse, often underrepresented, communities in Virginia.  


The overall purpose of the RERP effort is to improve diversity in clinical research. According to Kramer “to provide resources for researchers at any of the iTHRIV institutions to enhance recruitment in clinical trials with a primary goal of improving the representation of underrepresented minorities, the elderly, rural populations, and pediatric populations in clinical trials across all participating institutions”. To accomplish this, researchers will be directed to teams who can answer general recruiting questions, along with several services specifically aimed to support integrating diverse populations into translational health research. 


The assistance is designed to be comprehensive in scope; the RERP will provide educational, consultative, and financial resources. RERP will: 1) facilitate educational opportunities to help researchers learn skills and techniques to recruit and work with diverse populations, 2) conduct consultation services to discuss ideas relevant to individual studies, and 3) provide an application process for researchers to request financial resources. “The funds will help cover costs of transportation, housing, etc. for research participants that otherwise would not be able to engage with clinical trials” states Kramer. Funded projects will receive up to $5,000 worth of resources. The application process is now open and iTHRIV will continue to accept applications throughout the year. Resources can be dedicated to: language and translation service, transportation assistance, and community engaged studios.

RERP Resources


The RERP application will enable researchers to request resources which will be provided by the iTHRIV CTSA.

List of possible resources:

  • Language services and translation of materials 

  • Transportation assistance 

  • Lodging 

  • Community Engaged Studios (study ideas, recruitment innovation and protocol assistance, dissemination planning)


 Other iTHRIV resources you may find useful:

  • Study Design- Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Research and Design (BERD)

  • Proposal Development

  • Trial Innovation Network (TIN)

  • Protocol support for inclusivity of underrepresented populations

  • Educational Articles, Webinars and Podcasts

  • Events and Workshops

If you are a researcher at an iTHRIV institution and would like to learn more about resources for facilitating inclusive research, please contact Kris Miller.

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