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iDRIV has a foundational commitment to supporting the success of brilliant quality investigators AND also sees the crucial value of creating a network of diverse researchers in order to enhance our mission to improve human health. Diverse research teams have been demonstrated to boost creativity and productivity yet are lacking in our current scientific workforce. This program seeks to jump start and drive the research journey of early career and aspiring faculty at UVA through education, coaching, mentoring and sponsorship, designed to support those researchers who are nationally underrepresented in clinical and translational science.

The iDRIV program consists of 1.5-hour collaborative sessions which include a mix of presentations and panel discussions with opportunities for the participants to share their experiences. In addition, the program requires all participants to take part in a proposal development workshop. 

Sessions include the following:

  • Why mentoring?

  • How to promote yourself and your research on social media

  • Intro to promotion and tenure, what you need to know

  • Giving effective presentations

  • All about CV’s, biosketches, and grant submission process

  • Managing microaggressions

  • Strategies for engaging your leaders

  • Networking

  • Library and biostatistical resources

  • Goal setting

Participants are expected to commit to 1.5 hour meetings every other Tuesday from January 16th, 2024-June 4th, 2024, as well as complete a 6 week (2 hr/wk) grant writing series during this program. 

For the 2024 cycle sessions will be held every other Tuesday from 2-3:30 pm from January 16th, 2024-June 4th, 2024 and is open to all school of medicine departments.

Eligibility: Participants must meet the following:

1. Clinical and Post-Doctoral Fellows, Clinical Instructor, Assistant Professor,  and Early Associate Professor (<5 years)

2. Committed to a career in clinical, basic or translational research

3. Meet the NIH definition of underrepresented persons in biomedical research NIH Definition


When:  Every other Tuesday Beginning January 16th, 2024, Tuesday afternoons 2-3:30 pm

Where:  Sessions will be a mix of in person and virtual sessions, we will be unable to have hybrid sessions

Due Date:  The application period has ended!

Questions:  Please feel free to contact us with any  program or application questions.

Program Director: Sana Syed, MD

Associate Director: Chelsea Marie, PhD

Program Manager: Jennifer Phillips, RN

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