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December 2022

iTHRIV Under the Microscope

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Rochelle Brown, MPH

Rochelle Brown is the Clinical Research Manager for Carilion Clinic’s Research and Development Department. Rochelle joined Carilion as a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) in 2013 where she worked on various projects across different therapeutic areas. In 2015 she transitioned to her primary CRC role in Psychiatry and was promoted to a managerial role in January 2020. Currently, Rochelle oversees the Clinical Research Coordinators in the Medicine, Psychiatry, Radiology, and Pediatrics departments where she manages the start-up activities and operational aspects of the trials in those therapeutic areas.

Rochelle works hard to create a positive and healthy working environment for her employees, and a culture of research innovation for her patients and future participants. She wants the research participants to have a positive and supportive experience when working with the research teams, regardless of the conditions her teams are studying.

In addition to her work as CRC, Rochelle works with her iTHRIV teammates to produce content for the Learning Shorts video series.

Rochelle credits a “compassion and a patient-centered focus” as well as her organizational skills as key elements of her success. Additionally, she prides herself on her ability to “think big picture without forgetting the details are crucial skills to the work that we do in research.”

When not at work, Rochelle enjoys reading, watching movies, spending time with friends and loved-ones, as well as traveling as often as possible.

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