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April 2024

iTHRIV Under the Microscope

Antoinette Ford 

What is your current role?


In my current role, I am honored to be the Grants and Contracts Specialist for the iTHRIV Scholars Program at the University of Virginia. This transformative two-year career development initiative prepares Scholars to excel in the dynamic biomedical research landscape. Collaborating closely with Scholars, I provide crucial support and guidance regarding grants and contracts while playing a vital role in financial oversight, compliance, and reporting to contribute to the program's overall success and growth.


How does your job relate to the objectives of iTHRIV?


In alignment with iTHRIV's objectives, our competitive Scholar program stands at the forefront of the digital data-driven healthcare era. It shapes Scholars to generate hypotheses and interventions and evaluate health quality in innovative ways. Emphasizing a commitment to fostering a team science culture, the program places a strong focus on clinical translational science. My role is integral to maintaining the program's administrative efficiency and driving forward biomedical research endeavors within the iTHRIV community.

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What is something you would like to share that people may not know about you?


I reside in South Georgia, and I am deeply family-oriented. I am a part of several group chats with my four siblings, mom, and numerous cousins and aunts where we talk and share laughs every day. I am also a mother of three children. I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration from Valdosta State University, and I have served the public for over 14 years.


What do you like to do outside of work?


Outside of work, I wear the hat of a realtor, finding joy in assisting people in purchasing real estate. During my free time, I immerse myself in self-development and real estate literature, and I love to day-trade in the stock market. However, the absolute highlight of my life is spending cherished moments with my children.

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