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October 2023

iTHRIV Under the Microscope


Molly Roberts, MPH, iTHRIV Community & Collaboration Core Member, Carilion Clinic

What is your current role at Carilion Clinic?

I am a manager in the Carilion Clinic Community Benefit Team. In my role, I am responsible for facilitating the Community Health Assessment process every 3 years for each of our hospitals and creating the implementation plan in response to the identified community needs. In addition, I manage our community grants and am also involved in community sponsorships. Lastly, working in collaboration with our Tax department, I help generate our community benefit report to the IRS as a requirement of a not-for-profit healthcare organization.

How does your job relate to the objectives of iTHRIV?

Presently, I lead the Community Engagement Steering Committee (CESC) in the Community and Collaboration Core. Community relationships are a big part of my role within Carilion and it translates well to working with the CESC. Over the last 2 years, this group improved a survey on barriers and facilitators for community engagement in research. The findings will be published and presented at conferences. The CESC also provided valuable feedback which was incorporated into the second submission of the iTHRIV grant around finding, housing, and visualizing data for community organizations.

What is something you would like to share that people may not know about you?

I grew up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, a major site for developing materials for the Manhattan Project during World War II and my grandfather worked in a uranium enrichment facility. I graduated from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky and later earned a Master of Public Health from East Tennessee State University.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Running and outdoor activities are a passion I share with my husband; although these pursuits are on pause as we raise our 5 year and 15-month-old children.

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