April 2022

2022 BERD Seminar Series

2022 BERD (Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design) seminar series – thematically focused this semester on data issues around high-quality, ethical, and reproducible research.


Title: Work smarter not harder: Reproducible data analysis with RMarkdown

Presenter: Marieke Jones, PhD, Research Data Specialist, UVA Health Sciences Library


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The presentation is on Friday April 29 at 12 Noon.


Let’s image a colleague emails you a question about a result in your recent manuscript. Does your heart start racing? Will it take you a considerable amount of time to locate the files? Will you be able to reproduce the results you published? Because this type of situation sounds all too familiar, in this talk I will discuss practical steps we can each take to make our research more reproducible. I will detail the attractive features of using code for data analysis and using RMarkdown to weave together prose and code to craft a beautiful and reproducible report, or even to typeset your next complete manuscript. This way, the next time a colleague has a question about your research findings, you will be able to quickly retrieve the article, data files, code, and plots to respond confidently and efficiently.



Marieke Jones is a Research Data Specialist with the Health Sciences Library at UVA. In this role she consults with students, faculty, and staff on their research data, helping them perform more robust statistical analyses, improve reproducibility of their analyses, and communicate their findings more correctly, completely, or beautifully. Outside of consultations, Marieke also teaches curricular courses in statistics and data science for the Biomedical Sciences department and open enrollment workshops in R programming for a diverse audience. Marieke holds a PhD from George Mason University and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute where she studied reproductive physiology and chemical signaling in an endangered wolf species.


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