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iTHRIV Operations Team

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iTHRIV has a wide array of resources and services to support you. We welcome all requests and are ready to help you in your search for information, training materials, and resources for your research.

Not sure who to contact?  No problem!  Reach out to us through the Research Concierge Services program at

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Leanna Blevins, PhD - Career Development, Virginia Tech Carilion Leadership - VT

Catherine Bradshaw, PhD - Community & Collaboration, Multi-Disciplinary Team Science - UVA

Donald Brown, PhD - Informatics, PI, Organization & Collaboration, Health Information - UVA

Sandra Burks, RN - Administrative, iTHRIV Program Director - UVA

Kayla Calvo, CRA - Administrative, iTHRIV Director of Finance - UVA

Donna Chen, MD, MPH - Administrative, Ethics - Career Development, Programming & Leadership - UVA

Linda Duska, MD, MPH - Network Capacity, Liaison to Recruitment Innovation Center - UVA

Alex Hanlon, PhD - Research Methods, Research Methods - VT

Amy Harrigan - Career Development, Program Manager - UVA

Kathy Hosig, RD, MPH, PhD - Community & Collaboration, Community Engagement - VT

Dave Hudson, PhD - Research Methods, Regulatory Knowledge & Support - UVA

Hal Irvin, PhD - Virginia Tech Carilion Program Manager

Karen Johnston, MD, MSc - Administrative, PI, Organization, Collaboration, & Communication - Translational Endeavors, Translational Workforce Development  - UVA

Keith Jones - Administrative, Communications - UVA

Karen Kafadar, PhD - Research Methods, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, & Research Design - UVA

Jaideep Kapur, MBBS, PhD - Network Capacity, Liaison to Trial Innovation Network - UVA

Johanna Loomba, ME - Informatics, Director of Informatics - UVA

Genevieve Lyons, MSPH - Research Methods, Project Manager - UVA

Kristin Miller - Community Collaboration, Project Manager - Hub Research Capacity, Project Manager UVA

Sean Moore, MD - Translational Endeavors, Pilot Translational & Clinical Studies - UVA

James Nataro, MD, PhD, MBA - Hub Research Capacity, Integrating Special Populations, Participant & Clinical Interactions - UVA

Medard Ng, PhD - Administrative, Research Quality Manager - UVA

Jason Papin, PhD - Career Development, Career Development - UVA

Jennifer Phillips, RN - Network Capacity, Project Manager - Translational Endeavors, Project Manager - UVA

Bart Ragon, MLIS, Ed.D - Administrative, Strategic Development - UVA

Bhruga Shah, RN - Inova Program Manager

Sarah Ratcliffe, PhD - Research Methods, Research Methods & Biostatistics,Epidemiology, & Research Design - UVA

Bradford Worrall, MD - Career Development, Clinical, Mentors - UVA

Andrea Zhou, ME - Informatics, iTHRIV Data Scientist - UVA

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